Monday, May 23, 2005

More for me, please.

The ‘Labour’ government has just announced shared purchasing of houses to get people onto the property ladder. What has happened to the Labour party? It is no longer the labour party. Every policy they have ‘pioneered’ has been an extension of Tory dogma. We shall, by their following of this ideology end up back in the days of private landlords, ruled by money and self interest. Moreover, it is not only this house ownership that is taking us back 60 or 70 years. It is the health care policies and the private pension thinking that is destroying all the things that true caring, and yes, I will say it, left wing politicians have fought against and we are about to lose. While (some of us) are earning high wages and living a more comfortable lifestyle than our parents and grandparents could have ever have hoped to achieve, we have forgotten how these rights were won. It is because of these social inequalities that we, as a nation of working people stood together in years past. ‘Socialism’ has become a dirty word. Let us take it back and remember, it means ‘We will look after each other’. Or as the bible says ‘love thy neighbour’.