Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tonys' New Improved Police Force

This morning on GMtv Tony Blair was asked about an incident where somebody tried to telephone a local community beat police officer, only to be connected to an answering machine. He said that there were plans to introduce a ‘non-emergency police line’. A what? When I have an emergency, I dial 999. In a non-emergency, I telephone my local police station. So what is this non-emergency line going to be? Admittedly, when I telephone my local police station, I am connected to a central switchboard, (in Stafford, I believe) and when I have explained to them what I am calling for, they connect me to my local station and I explain to them. (This system, presumably was introduced to improve efficiency! Wait to be connected twice, explain twice.) Maybe this is what Tony means. In future, we will be able to telephone our local station direct. Like we used to. And I wonder how much these changes have/will cost

Blair's/Howard's/Kennedy's Britain

Prince Charles: "I'm getting married on Saturday."

Police: "Here, have a few hundred more police, besides your personal bodyguard that the tax payer funds."


Joe Public: "My house and family are under attack by a gang of hooded yobs and I fear for our safety."

Police: "Sorry, our resources are over-stretched. We'll send somebody as soon as we can."

I rest my case.