Thursday, August 01, 2013

I Have Given Up on Blogger.

For those (few!) who read, have read and possibly still read this blog, I have given up on it since Google took over.

Google insists on me either signing in with my Google account, which means creating a new blog, or signing out of my Google account, which means no access to my Email.

So, while Google's far-reaching arm of integration can appear to be useful, for me it is a right royal P.I.T.A.

I have separate accounts, because that's how I like to work; this is my blog; this is my email; this is my FB etc. etc.

I'm not gonna be forced into having all my accounts under on umbrella-  think of the fun hackers would have; think of the pain you'll experience having to set up all your accounts again if the situation ever arose.

No, this integration isn't for me. I have a new blog, on a similar theme here- for those that wish to peruse my ramblings.