Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In Nick Clegg's New Year message to members, he pledged to start 2011 with action on social mobility, civil liberties and the environment.
So will we see-
·         Social Mobility:
 o   Working Class ground down further toward serfdom.
o   Middle Class allowed to prosper from the labour of the serfs
o   Upper Class prosper from the increased wealth of the Middle Class
o   Politicians- some from column a, some from column b… and ensure a knighthood for nothing!

·         Civil Liberties- we will continue to erode them and ensure virtual enslavement of the disenfranchised.

·         The Environment-
 o   Ensure politicians continue to have near-palatial homes and second residences.
o   Make sure the commons is still the place to work


A proposal to make it easier to donate to charity has been suggested. Francis Maude claims it is "not an attempt to "compel" people but to encourage the "big society" agenda championed by Prime Minister David Cameron."

It is blatantly an attempt to 'force' by peer pressure people to donate to charity so that the coalition can further dismantle the welfare state.

I do not donate to charity; at least very rarely. Because I do not believe in a modern, rich society that we should even need charity. And do not believe the hype that the country cannot afford the welfare state in its current form. It could easily afford to expand it if the massive wealth owned and controlled by a tiny minority were put to this use.

Consider this; currently, you have a right to health care, to payments if you cannot work etc. etc. if it is left to charities to perform and fund these tasks, it will no longer be a right. You will be at the mercy of a rich ruling class and their generosity.

Just what the Tories have always wanted. One only needs to look at the early C20th to see this doesn't work. You need only look at the reasons the Labour Party (the real one- not this sham Tory lot) was formed to see it would not work. Left to the whims of the Liberal Party (LibDems today) or the crushing policies of the Tories, the working class would be thrown back to the days when your employer was effectively your landlord, your local grocer and you law-giver.

That is the stark reality. That is what the coalition's plans are heading towards. If you look closely at them all, you begin to see these are not independent changes for the benefit of us all. They are cleverly co-ordinated policies designed to appear to be isolated, when in fact they are all calculated to bring about the destruction of the welfare state, the rise of elitism and control of the working class.

These things can no longer be brought about or maintained through state violence, such as the Peterloo Massacre (though recent police activity seems to suggest this is another area being explored by unseen policy-makers). So they fool us with horror stories of the huge deficit (put simply, this year's debt) but are loathe to discuss the National Debt (put simply, accumulated deficits) which is still increasing.  

Because the National Debt can only be tackled by investment in well-paid jobs to increase spending, thus production and personal wealth of the poorest who currently contribute little (because of government policy) to the economy.

And by default, Government (read 'our') surplus (opposite if deficit- an official term) can be used to reduce the National Debt and help the needy who cannot work whether through health or other circumstance.


Absolutely unbelivable-

Words fail me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is getting ridiculous. Now we are in danger of third hand smoking related disease!

Now, anybody who tries to argue smoking does not have an adverse effect on one's health is sadly misguided. Equally, second hand smoke can adversely affect one's health- though I suspect it is not as dangerous as the experts would have us believe.

Now we are being told going outside for a smoke is dangerous! I'm not going to go into detail. You have the link to the story. Here it is again –

All I want to say to the anti-smoking brigade is you've got your way. We are severely restricted as to when and where we can exercise our right to smoke. Now short of making tobacco illegal LEAVE US ALONE!


Maybe I'm a bit thick. But if the Forensic Science Service is running at a £2m a month loss, then surely, whoever pays for the service is underpaying them. Assuming this is the police, then if the FSS charged more and broke even, then the police bill would be £2m more. So where is the overall saving?  

It sounds a lot to me like another coalition con to privatise another public service.

Monday, December 27, 2010



I've signed up to 'Back the Ban' - the campaign to support the ban on foxhunting.

If you believe that there is no place for animal cruelty in a modern, civilised society - Click here to sign up.

You may not have heard but the Tories fought the election promising a free vote in Parliament to repeal the ban. So now the Tories are back in government we need to be on our guard.

The greater the number of people who pledge their support, the more we can make people understand that we don't want to see a return to the spectacle of dogs ripping apart foxes in this country.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The government has told the BBC they have to make a 16% cut over four years. And do we get a 16% cut in licence fees? Get away!

Funny, though. The BBC should have such a small cut over so long. I’m sure their world-famous impartial reporting will be in no way affected by this generous act. Unfortunately the police, hospitals and welfare state in general do not enjoy such impartiality. Nor do they have the same infrastructure to be a potential threat to the government.   

Never mind. With the destruction of the welfare state this government is intent on, if you can make it to 75 you get a free licence! That is if you still live in your own home and need a licence!


How interesting that Vince Cable seems to be fed up with the coalition.

According to BBC News reporting comments from the Telegraph he said  he could "bring the government down" if they "push me too far".

He describes the coalition as like "fighting a war".

Vince, do us all a favour and use your “nuclear option” now!