Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Recession Claims Another....‏

I am fed up of hearing the ‘news’ that the recession has claimed another large chain store. Chains like Woolworths and Adams must surely have had difficulties long before the onset of the recent recession. They have been in business for almost a hundred years and came through the 1930’s depression. I accept it may have been the last straw, but not the sole cause.
The media should be more responsible and stop scare-mongering. And, just for once report accurately.

Tough on Crime, Soft on the ‘Causers’ of Crime.

I’ve just read the Government is to get tough on caught those carrying a knife. As I continued the story, I thought ‘About time’. What would they be doing? Five years for carrying a bladed weapon? Re-introduce hard labour for violent crime? Maybe consider corporal punishment? No. 18 month’s community service and a curfew.

That’ll scare the pants off anybody prepared to stick 8 inches of cold steel into someone.

Eye For An Eye

So offenders have been abused and threatened wearing high visibility vests. Good. What about the victims they abused and threatened? If it makes just one offender less likely to reoffend, it should be encouraged. Let the system continue, and look at the figures in a couple of years.

But I suppose the liberal brigade will get their way and the poor darlings won't be made to wear them.


Royal Prerogative

Not satisfied with shooting at mutilated birds that have been caged and frightened by beaters so much they fly against instinct into the gunfire, the Prince beats a dog that makes a mess of his 'catch'.

If this was me or you, we would almost certainly be arrested and interviewed. As it is, the RSPCA (ROYAL Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is not investigating, but conducting a 'review' of what happened.

Disgusting. The Royals and their ilk would have little kids back up chimneys if they thought they'd get away with it.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Damian Green

What's the problem over the arrest of Damian Green? Either he committed a crime or there was evidence to suggest a crime had or may be committed. Or he hadn't and there was not sufficient evidence, in which case the police and not the New Labour (who I abhor) government have a case to answer.