Friday, March 31, 2006

Patches, I'm Depending On You Son.

Micro$oft has discovered more exploitable flaws in its Internet Explorer. They do not intend to release patches for them until Patch Tuesday, leaving third parties to produce patches. Thanks, Bill.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Re- Standards are Slipping!

I sent the body of this blog to BBC's letters page, and to the Radio Times. Reading the news yesterday morning, the story was still posted. However, the word airplane had been replaced with the correct English form aeroplane. Thank you, BBC for helping to maintain standards. Maybe it wasnt changed because of my response. But it does hearten me to think that an individual may still have some influence. To quote Citizen Smith (for those who remember him) Power to the People!

Friday, March 24, 2006

State of the Health Service

Many health/hospital trusts are trying to solve their overspendproblems by sacking staff. Unless the staff that are going are consultants or managers (which I doubt) the pitiful NHS wages saved will be a mere splash in the ocean. Here is my answer to the NHS funding problem.

  • Sack all the managers whose job it is to oversee spending. Once you have someone in charge of finances, to the exclusion of other considerations that is when we see financial problems start. And it should save a considerable sum.

  • Re-introduce matrons. They ensure that wards are run effectively and efficiently from a clinical point of view. The knock-on effect of this will be to see efficient use of resources, and a consequential reduction in spending.

  • Raise the top rate of tax to 80% and use the extra money to fund the NHS.

  • Stop using money to kill people (Iran) and use it in hospitals. It seems the NHS doesnt have a bottomless pit of money, yet the engineered conflict in Iran does.

I doubt these simple solutions will be adopted. This would ruin the conservative plot, continued by Tony Blair to privatise the health service by the back door.

Standards are Slipping!

This morning I read on BBCi a local news story from the East Midlands region. Womans car hit by ice from sky.Paragraph 3 starts it is believed the ice ball fell from an airplane. An airplane? Chambers dictionary states Aeroplane is the standard form in British English. And I always believed that the BBC was a stalwart of British conservatism. Britain is dead. Long live the 51st state.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Never Mind the Kids. Back to work!

The Liberal Democrats will force single parents back to work. As a single dad, forced out of work in 1993 due to lack help from Government and other agencies, I resent that I might be made to work. I am working part time, seeking full time employment but I resent the implication. How will this help truancy, the current trend of anti-social behaviour, and parents who already have problem kids? As single parents, we are already disadvantaged.

God will judge

Mr. Bush claims God speaks through him. Now his puppet, Tony Blair has said that God will judge the Iraq war. Which God would that be? Not Allah, I hope! What dangerous times we live in.