Saturday, February 24, 2007

Olympian Fiasco!

So the Olympics could cost us £9 billion. How much will it eventually be? I think they should call it the 'Olympic Dome'. Don't tell me about the financial benefits. The people who will make money will be the rich and famous and the businessmen. The 'minimum wage' workers, I suppose, should be grateful for the work. £9 billion? Looks like a good start to compensating the hard workers who have had their pensions stolen.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gun Crime revisited

I see Tony Blair and David Cameron are now crossing verbal swords. Mr Blair seems to think it is a "specific, criminal culture". David Cameron says society is "in deep trouble". Well, they are both wrong. They are also both right. There are specifics of criminal culture that need to be targeted. But we also need to be looking at society as a whole. David Cameron has also said "We now stand for social revival. We used to stand for the individual. Now we stand for the family, for the neighbourhood, in a word, for society." I would ask you to remember the following. The culture we live in today is a direct result of the lack of job security and the unemployment experienced by two generations while there is a culture of the 'old boy' network that encourages wealth for wealths sake, providing you are from the 'accepted' class. When you hear Mr Cameron saying "in a word, for society" remember that this split, class ridden society we endure is a result of Mrs Thatchers moneterist policy. Oh, and don't forget that she said 'there is no such thing as society'. I do not believe the Tory party has changed to the extent David Cameron would have us believe. The root of Britain's problems is the intrusion of American ideology. To the extent that the USA has two capitalist political parties to choose from. We find ourselves in a similar position today. We can vote for Cameron's left of Tory agenda or Blairs right of (real) Labour's agenda. Which really, as the last ten years prove amounts to the same thing. We have no effective opposition.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I know my blog isn't read very much. Probably not at all, except by me and perhaps some nefarious, hidden government agencies. But the way this country and the world is going, I am going to try to take half an hour every day to comment on things that make me feel sad, depressed and generally pissed off with Britain and all the crap ordinary people have to put up with. We don't have to put up with it. We have to organise and defy the laws and regulations that are putting us all at risk. We also have to realise that the things that are happening today are the first step to total control. We accept the slow erosion of our rights and privileges. It is called the 'drip drip' effect. It is done bit by bit, so we do not realise what is happening. But one day, it will all come together and it will be too late. Let's not leave it too late.

Gun Crime

Hi, I'm back again. I often see or hear things I might wish to post about, but often find my time is filled with other stuff, and never get around to it. But this latest news about kids (that is all they are) getting shot dead is enough to push the other stuff aside and have my say. Our 'glorious' leader Sir-Saint-His Royal Highness-Kiss My Arse Mr Tony Blair has said "horrific, shocking and tragic beyond belief". Well, Tone-ey, (I hope you don't mind my familiarity) it hasn't just started. It has just become a subject of debate in the media. Local elections due? No, can't be that? Can it?