Monday, February 14, 2005

Charlie and his darling.

So Charlie has decided to wed the love of his life. So? Will it affect my social security? Possibly. They have to find the civil list money from somewhere. Will it affect my everyday life? No. Do I care? No. Is he immoral? No more than any of us.

As a republican, I say who cares? If he was my neighbour, what business would it be of mine? Arguing that he is the future King of England doesn’t make any difference. Were we back in the good old feudal system, when Kings and Queens had real power, arguing that his morality brings into question his ability to rule might hold some sway. (Except they were all at it) But then we wouldn’t dare voice our opinions. (Unless we had a massive army to back it up).

As a man, I say good luck to both him and his intended. And if he wants to call her Queen (what the hell is a Princess Consort, anyway?), well let him. Who among us has not been through a broken relationship? I suggest the sycophants take Diana of her pedestal and realise what we read in the press ain’t necessarily so. There are two sides to every story.


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