Friday, December 30, 2005

Nuclear War!!!!

Yesterday, I read in the news that government papers from 1975 had been made public under the 30 year rule. Apparently, old Harold (Wilson) would have been whisked away to an underground bunker. Art treasures would have been taken to an underground hideaway in Wales. And us? Well, we arent prime ministers, or art treasures (You speak for yourself!!) There were, apparently, no provisions for us. Well, who did Harold think he was going to Prime Minister over? And who would be there to look at the art treasures? Wasnt the whole 70s nuclear thinga bit of a wet squib? We had no say in who, why or when they would be deployed. We had no protection, apart from the official line. Which as I remember was, paint your windows with white-wash, lean a door against a wall, cover it with sandbags and take a few months provisions in with you??!!!!??
Now, assuming we could do all this in the 3 minutes we were told we had, and we could fit in that much food, (maybe for a family of 4 0r 5?) can anybody explain why the armed forces were given different instructions? I had a friend at the time, who was a member of the armed forces. A marine, if I remember correctly. And the advice they were given? If the bomb goes off, turn away from the blast, crouch down on your knees and elbows, cover your eyes and kiss your ass goodbye!!!


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