Sunday, April 30, 2006

Prescott's Indiscretion

So 2 jags Prescott has been outed as a philanderer. It seems every party has its adulterer. Can we believe that people who have a family home and a home in London, who have ample time and freedom to take extra marital partners are not going to take advantage of the situation? We cannot only blame the politicians. The women involved are equally guilty. We do not know the particular circumstances of Mr. Prescott’s indiscretion. But given these circumstances and the possibility of the woman involved making herself obviously available, how many of us could say, hand on heart ‘I would not do it’. I like to think if I were in a serious relationship (and surely marriage is the most serious of all) I would reject all such advances. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I would not actively seek a relationship outside of a longstanding commitment. But could I, would I reject the advances of an attractive female? While I hope so, the only test would be to be there and say ‘No’. I am not a lover of Mr. Prescott, or New Labour, but we should temper our immediate reaction to condemn with the compassion of common sense. Would I, given the same opportunities and circumstances be as moral as I expect this man to be? I rest my case.


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