Monday, August 06, 2007

Fingerprinting Your Kids

Just received an email that linked to this
More here
An excellent piece here:

Googling 'fingerprinting children' will give you a wealth of information. It seems the 'fingerprinters' (as might be expected) are all for it and advocate the benefits. However, the 'fingerprintees' or their guardians are a little more sceptical.
Two of the against arguments, just for those who do not see an issue, are that it 'normalises' biometric use, making it seem trivial for youngsters who know no better. Which could lead to obvious security issues in later life. Also, using passwords means that in the event of identity theft or passwords being hacked or stolen, one has merely to change ones password. In the event of biometrics being stolen, and I believe the criminals will find a way once it becomes popular and financially viable, they haven't stolen your password. They have stolen you!


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