Friday, January 04, 2008

Brown Praises New Deal

PM Gordon Brown has praised the New Deal for unemployed. Maybe he can tell me why, at 50 years old, after raising two children single handed (and I mean just that- no help from social services or any other organisation) employers are turning me down because of my age and time out of full time work. (I have worked part time for most of those years.) Perhaps he can explain why, after coming off income support and on to job seekers allowance, I took the advice of the job-centre and went to Sunrise Training (Learn Direct) to do a refresher course in adult numeracy and literacy (even though I have GCE 'O' levels in these subjects-amongst others) because they said I would be funded by them for a fork-lift drivers course, which would open employment possibilities only to be told on successful completion of these courses that I couldn't be funded because I had passed the Level two exams too easily. You know what he can do with his 'New Deal'.


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