Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Teacher jailed for pellet gun offence.

The full story can be read HERE. A qoute from the teacher "I feel totally, totally distressed after all these things that have been happening.

"I know you do your best, but the law is on the side of the yobbos, these criminals, not the victim."

Quite right. While I do not condone her actions, I do understand. The chances of being caught are quite remote, and when these thugs are, they know that there is no real punishment. They have no fear of retribution. They ignore the law to victimise and terrorise people, but expect protection from the law they feel at liberty to ignore. I know this from experience. When are the law makers going to realise this? When will they see that the 'anti-smacking brigade' are in a minority. That they are persuasive because they are organised and vocal. Most, if not all the people I know and speak to agree we are too soft on yobs. And they agree that most of the people they know feel the same. But because we are not organised or vocal, we appear to be in the minority. If you read this and agree, leave a comment, perhaps contact details. Maybe we can organise and have our voices heard.

My advice to anybody suffering from this type of abuse is to collect evidence, even if this only consists of a diary of events. Make sure the police are aware of every incident. Try to get somebody else to confirm the incidents. It's not much, but it may help.


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