Sunday, August 21, 2011


Tony Blair has finally had his say on the U.K. August riots. (

I find it difficult to find (acceptable) words to describe my position. Doesn't he realise it is his, his Tory predecessors and his New Labour and Tory successors that are the root of the problem? That their disastrous policies, pandering to the bankers, the rich elite and to big business (big in profits, not employees) that has caused the disaffection he describes?

Is his reference to "…canons of proper behaviour" a veiled reference to his new found catholic faith?  And to talk of "…a proper solution," after his disastrous years of tenure is beyond belief.

Tony, you should have done something when you had the chance, not begin pontificating now about "…deal[ing] with the problem in the only way that will work."


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