Saturday, August 20, 2011


It seems Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary doesn't want a mansion tax. Neither does he want the 50p tax kept, according to an article written by the Telegraph-
Some choice clips from the article:

• "Liberal Democrat Coalition partners have "got to understand" that introducing any form of so-called mansion tax would be a "big mistake". "
• "He adds that the 50p higher rate of income tax should be scrapped so [rich] families can "keep more in their pockets". "
• "It's a red line for the Coalition. "
• "A growing number of Conservatives believe there should be tax cuts, starting with the removal of the 50p tax rate…"
• "I believe you get more tax revenue by lowering taxation …"

Funny isn't it? Lowering the VAT rate doesn't seem to figure in the "I believe you get more tax revenue by lowering taxation …" idea.

Funny, how the poor are told cuts in benefits and services are necessary, but the relatively rich can't be penalised by paying more to help.

Except it isn't really funny; not if you are poor; not if you are intelligent enough to spot the flaw in the arguments.

It will be interesting to see what the LibDems have to say about Mr Pickles statements. Will this be their 'red line' in the coalition? Will they have the guts to say 'no more. We are out. Call an election.' Somehow I think that is quite unlikely.


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