Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Truth About Libya?

I came to a YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJURNC0e6Ek that intrigued me. I decided to do some research of my own to verify or otherwise the claims of the 'tube'.

Below are the results of that research. I spent all day looking at the referenced links, and many more. My opinion is that the claims are essentially true. I do not expect you to change your opinion (if it is different to the proposals) based on these claims. I merely ask you consider them; and to do your own research; and to consider why these claims do not make it into the mainstream media, if only to be contested.

In 1949 The United Nations was given jurisdiction and decided that Libya should become independent, which it did on Dec. 24, 1951, as the United Kingdom of Libya. The 1950s in Libya were characterized by great poverty; minimal economic development was possible only because of payments and loans received from various Western nations.

In 1958, petroleum was discovered and by the early 1960s Libya's revenues grew from the exploitation of that resource[1].

However, aware of the potential of their country's natural wealth, many Libyans had also become conscious that its benefits reached very few of the population[2].

Before the NATO invasion Libyans enjoyed the highest standard of living in Africa and ahead of Russia, Brazil and Arabia[3].

In Libya homes are considered a human right; newly married couples receive $50,000 to buy their own home and electricity is free to all people[4],[5].

Gaddafi vowed to home every Libyan before his own parents; he kept his promise and his father died before he was housed[6].

Before Gaddafi less than 20% of Libyans were literate; now education is free[7], high quality and the literacy rate is 83%[8].

It is reasonably understood that whereas the United States of America is reputed as a developed nation, the poorest man in Libya is incomparable to the poorest in America; the latter will perceive the former as rich[9].

Healthcare is free and high quality; if Libyans cannot get the education or healthcare they are entitled to in Libya the Libyan government funds them to go abroad to access it[10].

All loans are interest free by law[11]; if a Libyan buys a car the government pays 50% of the cost and the price of petrol is $0.10 a litre[12]

Any Libyan wishing to become a farmer is given free use of land, equipment, livestock and seed[13].

On July 1st 1.7 million (95% of the population of Tripoli, about 1/3rd of the population of Libya) people assembled in Green Square to show defiance against NATO bombing of Libya[14].

The central bank of Libya is state owned, and unlike all western banks is not owned by Rothschild and issues debt free money. Reports that the 'rebels' have already established a new Central Bank of Libya suggests there are outside [banking] influences involved[15] [16]

At the trial of the Lockerbie bombers, the US paid witnesses $4 million to testify against the accused Libyans. They have since recanted their evidence[17] [18] .

Prior to the 'rebellion' Gaddafi was working to change payment for Libyan oil from the US dollar to the African dinar[19]; Sarkozy said Libya was a 'threat to the financial security of Mankind'[20].

Rothschild's banks create money out of thin air and sell it to the people with interest, meaning they can never repay their 'debt'[21] [22].

Unlike Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy etc., Gaddafi refused to sell his people out and Libya was DEBT FREE! [23] [24] [25]

It begins to become clear why Gaddafi gets the loyalty of his people and who is behind the bombing of a free and sovereign state and its people.

Libyans shared in the wealth of their country, free from the shackles of usury and private banking interests.

Gaddafi believed that parliamentary democracy was inherently corrupt. He believed true democracy come from the people. He believed the people should rule themselves; he explains this in his Green Book. [26]

Please read Qaddafi's Green Book. Download link:

The draft UN report on human rights in Libya before the NATO bombings & invasion.


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